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Sur la prise en compte de l’irrigation issue des données microondes:

Evaluating the utility of satellite soil moisture retrievals over irrigated areas and the ability of land data assimilation methods to correct for unmodeled processes, S. V. Kumar, C. D. Peters-Lidard, J. A. Santanello, R. H. Reichle, C. S. Draper, R. D. Koster, G. Nearing, and M. F. Jasinski

ET globale, quelques articles récents:

The pattern across the continental United States of evapotranspiration variability associated with water availability, Randal D. Koster, Guido D. Salvucci, Angela J. Rigden, Martin Jung, G. James Collatz, and Siegfried D. Schubert

The GEWEX LandFlux project: evaluation of model evaporation using tower-based and globally-gridded forcing data
M. F. McCabe, A. Ershadi, C. Jimenez, D. G. Miralles, D. Michel, and E. F. Wood